Since 1941

From the humble beginnings of Little Albion St in Surrey Hills, New South Wales, albion has evolved to pioneer two generations of product development in sport, with expertise in manufacturing high quality team uniform, before becoming an industry innovator through the development of sports protective gear.

Pre 1970’s

The brand’s tradition, reputation and expertise in manufacturing durable and high quality team uniform out of Australia dates back to World War II, when the US army acquired albion’s services to manufacture military kits. Soon after, albion combined its workmanship with its competitive spirit and passion for sport to begin delivering premium quality, durable and fashionable uniform through all styles of caps for the Ivy League and other sporting associations. In the late 1950’s, the brand became synonymous with team sport after winning the contract to make the Baggy Green™ - a cap which captures the essence of team unity and solidarity. From 1957 until 2016, Albion is proud to have made the iconic Baggy Green™ for Cricket Australia, leaving its mark on Australian Cricket history. 

Since the 1970’s

As sport evolved, the need for athletes to reach a personal best became more apparent, and albion’s competitive desire ensured it was part of the winning formula. After pioneering the first ever cricket helmet in the late 1970’s which enabled batsmen to perform at the elite level, albion quickly became the answer to sports protection globally. By understanding that each human’s anatomy is unique, albion’s full attention is on the voice of the athlete. The ability to translate feedback to the laboratory, and to design an exclusive, unprecedented product enables the brand to ‘raise the bar’ in sports performance and protection, providing the athlete with confidence, strength and comfort for competitive advantage.


After 2016

Following a declining period in which the company faced difficulties, Albion was bought by Albion Sports Technology, giving way to new horizons with new and innovative products for elite sports.